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11 Attractive Wedding Gift Ideas For The Newly Married

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Purchasing the perfect gift for the newly married can be rather arduous task as it involves careful consideration and a good amount of time investment. Every so often when you are out to purchase a gift, the plethora of available options only adds to your ever-increasing confusion. That is why it is always a good idea to decide on what you want to invest on and then head out with a perfect idea of what you are searching for.

Before you decide on buying something for your newly married friend or loved one, there are a few things you need to consider. Your gift should be something that lasts through a considerable amount of time along with being useful to the couple.

Here are 11 attractive wedding gift ideas for newly married couples that will help you decide on the perfect gift.

1. DSLR Camera

One of the best wedding gifts that you could get the newly married couple is a DSLR camera. A camera can provide them with the opportunity to take pictures and share the best moments of the beginning of their new life – starting with the honeymoon!

2. Photo Frames

When the newly married couple takes pictures, they will definitely want to frame all the best moments of their new life together. You can choose from a variety of frames starting from vintage to vibrantly colourful designs. Flatware

Pair an attractive flatware with engraved porcelain bowls or fancy china to provide your newly married friends with a taste of fancy dining. You can also opt for gold flatware to make them feel absolutely fabulous.

4. Ice Cream Maker

With heat reaching a new peak every day, an ice cream maker can be a great appliance to have around for entertaining guests or just satisfying a sweet tooth.

5. Juicer

With juices becoming increasingly common, a lot of couples are becoming interested in saving some cash and juicing in the comfort of their own kitchen. Counter Top Garden or Herb Keeper

You can easily help the newly married couple in growing their own herbs at home or preserving the ones they have purchased from the farmer’s market nearby. Bar Cart

With combined function and form, bar carts has become a necessity in the homes of young couples. Don’t forget to buy them accoutrements like a pretty bottle opener, hip glassware and attractive cocktail napkins which you can easily find on Design55Online.

8. Candlesticks

Candlesticks make great wedding gifts as they allow the newly married couple to enjoy countless romantic candlelit dinners.

9. Luggage

The newly married couple will inevitably be going to a romantic getaway almost immediately after the marriage and gifting them with luggage carriers is a worthwhile idea.

10. Stainless Kitchenware

Gift the newly married couple with stainless kitchenware as it will last through countless dinner parties – works even better when you have had it engraved first.

11. Photograph, Print or Art

If you are really familiar with the humour and taste of the couple then try opting for a photograph, print or art that you are convinced that they will adore.

Weddings always tend to bring people together and it is also the perfect time to show your loved ones or friends how much you really care and know about them.


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