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2 Tie The Knot Animations + Tutorials

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Most would agree, knowing how to tie a tie is an essential skill any man needs to have mastered by adulthood. To teach you this skill, who would be better than tie aficionado and founder of Bows-N-Ties, Hendrik Pohl. He, by the way, told us that it is just as important for a man to know how to tie a tie, as it is knowing how to jump start a car or to carve a turkey. While his perspective, coming from someone who makes ties for a living, might be a bit biased, you can’t disagree that it is something a man should know by the time he gets married.

Tying a Necktie

While there are dozens of different tie knots out there, 9 out of 10 times the simple “Four in Hand” knot shown below is the perfect choice. If the animation went a bit too quickly, we also posted some illustrations below. For more tie knot choices check out



Tie a Bow Tie

Yes, there are such things are pre-tied bow ties which are quite convenient indeed. But, knowing how to tie your own bow ties will differentiate your wedding attire from what you wore to senior prom. As a tip: Practice before your big day!



A Note on Colors

Hendrik tell us that most of the weddings he works with want ties that compliment their bridesmaids dresses. While this may seem like an easy task, there are some colors that are virtually non existent on a man’s tie. If your color falls into this category, then he suggests you go with neutral tones such as champagne, ivory, silver, or black. Another great option is to pick an additional accent color. If your bridesmaids dresses are coral pink for instance, then a classic navy would make for a great looking accent hue. Not only does this add some sophisticated uniqueness to the dresses, but it also makes it much easier to find matching groomsmen ties.

What About Patterns?

Solid colors, meaning ties without any patterns, are still the #1 pick for the thousands of weddings that the folks at Bows-N-Ties outfit each year. While solids are always classic, Hendrik tells us that the past year a trend of mixing and matching different patterns in coordinating colors has become apparent. The groom for instance can wear a solid color bow tie while the groomsmen can mix and match ties with stripes, plaids, paisley, and pin dots – all in a complimenting color family. Should you choose this route, then just make sure to choose solid colored dress shirts rather than shirts with stripes or checks to avoid “pattern clash”.

 Hendrick PohlAbout Hendrik Pohl
Hendrik is the founder of San Francisco based neckwear designer and retailer Since 2008 his company has been specializing in wedding neckwear producing seasonal collections to match the trending bridal colors of several popular Bridesmaids dress designers.


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