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Rustic Weddings: Jenna & Evan | Porter Memorial Gymnasium, GA

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From the Photographer:

Ironically, I met Jenna the day that she and Evan got engaged. We met up at a coffee shop in order to prepare for a wedding she was going to assist me with, and later that night she sent me a picture text of her hand with an engagement ring on it. Between then and now, Jenna has assisted on many of my weddings, and it was such a treat getting to know her in a working environment before I got to serve her on her own special day. She and Evan are too cute for words, and I loved every personal and quirky detail of their wedding day. Jenna and Evan met through UGA BCM. During their senior year, Evan did video for a project and Jenna did the photography… And now they’re a husband and wife wedding photo-video team known as We Two Photo Video!

Their wedding was such an amazing day full of friends, family, and an incredibly fun bridal party! The ceremony was held at the Julia A. Porter United Methodist Church, and the reception was next door at the Historic Porter Memorial Gymnasium. We walked over to the Mill at Yellow River for portraits after the ceremony. Jenna’s dad grew up in Porterdale and used to play basketball in the gymnasium. The gym burned down years ago and was turned into an event center, so it made sense to have the wedding + reception in such a personal and meaningful place.

Evan is a writer and has been writing Jenna poems since before they started dating. Leading up to the wedding, he decided to write her a poem every day for 6 months. He wrote the poems in a journal he made himself out of leather. He cut it, designed it, stitched the pages in by hand, and added the closure himself. To top it off, he cut pallet wood with a handsaw to create a box for the journal. I watched and photographed as he wrote the last poem on the morning of the wedding and wrapped her present before delivering it to her bridal suite. Needless to say, Evan got major props from the room of bridesmaids who watched as Jenna opened such a thoughtful gift.

Evan’s groomsmen gifts were engraved pocket watches by Tipo’s Creations. Jenna’s dress was a gorgeous champagne color with ivory lace details, and she chose to spend the day barefoot with her bridesmaids wearing TOMS. Jenna & Evan love exploring, climbing, and everything outdoorsy, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard that they wanted a picture sitting on top of one of the brick walls of the venue. Their hashtag and theme for the day was #simmonsinatree … how cute is that?!

Some of my favorite parts of the day include:
Jenna & Evan’s intimate First Look, when they passed their rings around during the ceremony for everyone to individually pray over, when everyone sang happy birthday to friend & musician Sam Burchfield at the reception, and when everyone blew bubbles around the couple during their last dance of the night. The day ended with quite a memorable sparkler exit… When people see my sparkler exit shots, they often think that we’ve spent a lot of time staging them, but it’s actually the opposite: The couple runs through a chaotic crowd waving sticks that are on fire, stop for a quick kiss or dip, and I have only a split-second to capture the shot. During Jenna & Evan’s exit, I DID get the shot, but Jenna also got burnt on her head. Luckily when she saw the photo, she said it was worth it (and she’s just fine!). 🙂

From the Father of the Bride:

My daughter Jenna was as gorgeous a bride as has ever graced a wedding gown, if I do say so myself. She was determined that she would have the wedding she wanted and she did. We did it her way, and her way turned out to be beautiful and meaningful and spiritual — and a little different, just like she is.



Photographer: Claire Diana Photography

Dress Store:David’s Bridal//Apparel:Hobo Ties//Bakery:Jeannine’s Cakes and Catering//Event Venue: Porter Memorial Gymnasium//Apparel: Skinny Tie Madness//Dress Store: Sweet Elegance Bridal//Jewelry:Tipo’s Creations//Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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