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4 Styles Of Wedding Invitations To Consider

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There are thousands of options when it comes to choosing what kind of wedding invitation to use. It can get overwhelming trying to decide what the best choice is for you and where to get them from. You want them to be perfect and custom, exactly what you want since you’ll keep them forever. Here are a few great types of wedding invitations that will complete your special day.

Using a magnetic invitation is a great modern way of inviting guests to your wedding. The main reason why these are so effective is because since invitations are sent out some time in advance, guests won’t lose all of the paper with the key information on it. You can still include a photo on the magnet, and there are plenty of sizes to accommodate all the information that might need to be stated. Guests will also be able to keep it if the invitation is sentimental to them without it getting worn like paper. These are also completely customizable and affordable. Most times, you can design the invitation yourself online to make each detail unique to your wedding.

These days, handmade doesn’t just mean stamping and printing the paper you use for your invitations. Handmade invitations are getting much more intricate and detailed, even sometimes handpicked for each guest. A popular option for handmade invitations is to create a wooden box and fill it with trinkets and an invitation for each guest. The details of this type of invitation will greatly vary based on budget, but the basic idea could be completed by shopping with coupons and simplifying it.

Memorable Shapes:
Some of the best wedding invitations of all time are those that are unforgettable. A great way to make your invitation stand out is by using a different type of shape and envelope than usual. For example, use thick black paper to create an invitation that resembles a vinyl record and envelope it in what would be the record cover. Another unique wedding invitation is to attach a deflated balloon to a paper invitation and have guests blow it up to retrieve the details about the wedding. This is a great invitation for those with creativity, the options are endless here!

Wedding guests love being able to connect more with the couple, especially since often times you may be inviting a few relatives or acquaintances that you don’t know very well. Creating an interactive wedding invitation is a great way to involve your guests. This can be done several ways one includes putting something tangible in with the invitations, if you’re foodies add in an engraved spoon that guests can keep. Another great way to get guests involved is by using a lottery ticket style invitation and when guests scratch them it reveals details about the wedding. Make it fit your personality there are lots of ways to get guests involved no matter what your wedding style!

Even though there are thousands of different kinds of wedding invitations, designs, and ways to be creative it doesn’t have to get overwhelming. Keep your design fun and remember that it doesn’t have to be a traditional invitation it just has to fit your style!

{Guest Blogger} Bruce Utsler is party planner by day, student by night. He is currently studying to be an X-ray technician, making him an expert of magnets especially Rare earth magnets . When he isn’t working or studying, Bruce loves to hit the streets with his longboard.

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