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4 Things You Don’t Want to Do On An International Dating Site

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There is something incredibly intriguing about a woman that you may meet from  international dating website. The variety of women and even the novelty of dating a particular nationality is part of the appeal, but men are also drawn to their sexy accents, their lovely bodies, and the way they ooze sex-appeal without really trying.

While dating a foreign beauty may be on many guys to-do list, few ever get to actually do it for a number of reasons. We’ve come up with six of the most common reasons why men fail hard when they try dating a foreign woman.

Don’t get hung up on the language difference

It is only natural that you are going to feel like you won’t have anything to talk about when you meet a foreign woman, especially if you discover that her English isn’t very good. Sure, her profile may be fairly simple to read, but she could have had help with that. Regardless of the language barrier though, you can still communicate with one another on some level. For example, if you agree to meet up by using very simple sentences, you still may have a chance to woo one another and forge some kind of connection. You just have to be patient and willing to try. You can show her how serious you are about getting to know her by learning her language (at least enough so you can ask her out!) and trying to teach her some English.

You’ll quickly learn, though, that when a foreign woman really wants to date an American man, she will already be pretty familiar with some English words, which will come in handy when you are trying to date her.

Don’t Offer to Go Dutch

Although American’s embrace the “going dutch” mindset, most countries around the world still expect for men to pay for the date. It can be a bit of a harsh awakening for American men who may be used to only shelling out their portion of the bill, but when you date a foreign lady, it’s a societal norm and she probably won’t have cash on her. So… When in doubt, always have extra cash on hand.

Don’t go overboard or show very little interest.

We get it, there is such a fine line between going overboard and not showing enough interest that many men are lost when it comes to how to behave at the end of the evening. For example, if you are sending someone a message for the first time, you may want to discuss your whole life story (which is a no-no). Of course you don’t want to do that, but you also don’t want to keep your lips shut and not reveal too much. Think of your first date as though you are on a speed date and it isn’t intended on being a full-fledged date. Sure you’re going to want to reveal some things, but you want to leave enough information undercover so that you can reveal more later down the road.

Avoid pick-up lines

The types of pickup lines that people use in the US vary significantly and what one woman may find amusing, another woman could find down right degrading. Instead of running the risk of getting shot down or humiliated in front of a bunch of people, your best bet is to avoid them entirely. When you approach a foreign woman, do it with a genuine interest. Let her know that you are interested in her and would like to get to know her on a personal (but not carnal) level. If she doesn’t seem to respond well to the genuine approach, simply move on to the next woman, as there are plenty to choose from!


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