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5 Benefits Of A Hotel Wedding

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Preparing a wedding can be a frustrating experience and definitely a challenge. Deciding where you will have your wedding can also be very difficult. Some people decide to have their wedding at a church, others at a reception hall, and others may decide to have it at a hotel. A hotel wedding can be one of the best decisions to make.

 hotel weddings


Having the wedding at a hotel will open up a number of options for you. First, it will help you save money. There are many hotels who offer wedding packages that include the wedding, reception, and even a honeymoon suite for the couple and rooms for the guests. The packages can provide decorations, catering, music and a ballroom area for the reception. Most hotels have a restaurant and a bar for you and your guests too.


Having your wedding in a hotel provides sort of a one-stop shop for the wedding. Instead of having the wedding in one place, the reception at another place, and the honeymoon suite at another location, a hotel wedding provides everything in the same place. Having the wedding in two or three locations, causes undue stress running back and forth making sure each location is prepared and has everything it needs so the wedding and reception will run smoothly.


For others in the wedding party, including the guests, traveling to three different locations can cause confusion. Traveling to different locations may cause some guests to choose to attend one of the events instead of all of the events. Having the wedding and the reception at the hotel can help cut down on transportation issues, the cost of gas, and confusion. It also cuts down on items getting lost or left behind when traveling from one location to the next.

People don’t have to travel at all if everything is in one location. And many of your guests will choose to attend all the wedding events just because it’s convenient. Relatives who have traveled from out of state also have somewhere to stay and something to do when everything is at the hotel. This will help your wedding be a success.


Many hotels are located near restaurants, bars, clubs, and other public places for your guests to visit. Some hotels have indoor activities that may appeal to you and your guests, which provide your guests with more things to do after the wedding and reception. And it also provides you and your wedding party with more things to do. You can also have your honeymoon in one of the honeymoon suites located at the hotel and have access to all the activities and places located near the hotel.

Variety of styles

There are different types of hotels for your preference. You can choose a regular four or five star hotel, a boutique hotel, or a luxury hotel. The different types or style of hotel is a great idea when you want to have a certain type of wedding.

It is recommended that you call the hotel well in advance if you’re choosing this route. During the summer months, hotels are pretty busy with travelers. If you contact the hotel early enough, more than likely it will be able to accommodate your needs and block an entire floor and other rooms just for your wedding.


{GB – Guest Blogger} Erika Cox has written several career-related articles for various websites for more than seven years. She has worked as an Administrative Assistant for more than 15 years. She loves to travel and write. For more information about preparing your hotel wedding, visit Hilton Austin Airport Hotel and Austin wedding reception areas.

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