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5 Insane Wedding Ideas For Thrill-Seeking Adventure Couples

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Getting married? Looking for some offbeat wedding ideas? Are you and your fiancé thrill-seeking adventure and outdoor lovers? If yes, there are some amazing ways you can make your wedding not only extremely unique, but also special and memorable. Following are 5 super-adventurous wedding ideas for couples who can’t enough of the outdoors.

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Get married while skydiving
If you’re seeking for some ultimate thrill for your wedding ceremony, you might want to consider sky diving as an option. All you need to do is to jump off from a plane together and get married in a free fall from the sky! The best part is that even the minister jumps off the plane along with the bride and the groom, making the exchange of vows possible in mid sky! No, having all the guests flying in the sky as well might not be a good idea, but so what, you can still have them waiting on ground while you and your love bird land. To make the whole event all the more convenient, you could consider keeping the reception in a nearby field, decorating it with tents, bon fires, and other casual décor.

Mountain top wedding
If you enjoy the outdoors more than anything else on earth, and want the most breathtaking backdrop for your dream wedding, a mountain peak wedding is the hands down the most perfect option for you. You may have to plan a tad in advance since you’ll have to figure out how to get all the guests up to the mountain peak. You might have to arrange for them to start hiking uphill in advance to ensure you are left with enough time for all the pre-marriage preparations. A mountain top wedding is definitely not going to be easy to organize, but then, think about the gorgeous view you’ll be surrounded with. The view from top is going to be out of this world. After a long hike, once you get to the top and have a good look around you, you’ll immediately realize the hike was worth it. To take the fun to the next level, you and your guests can camp on top of the mountain after the ceremony – light a bonfire, sings songs, play games, and fall asleep under the open sky.

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Taking the vows underwater
If you don’t find the concept of marrying on land interesting enough, how about heading underwater to tie the knot? Yes, as bizarre as it may sound, underwater weddings are a real thing, and is one of the most adventurous wedding ceremonies one could ever have! Moreover, just the mere thought of an underwater wedding is so awesome – just think about the thrilling twist it will add to your wedding! The best part is that you don’t have to give up on anything at all. You can still have some awesome wedding photographs clicked and the entire ceremony videotaped. Oh and yes, if your guests and bridesmaids are up for it, they too can certainly join you underwater. This is going to be one unique experience – getting married amidst a myriad of colorful fishes and other stunning sights underwater.

Get married inside a cave
Looking for an offbeat wedding venue to satisfy the adventure streak inside you? How about getting alive the Neanderthal man inside you and getting married inside a cave? While most people might not fancy the whole idea of getting married inside a cave, the truth is that the natural beauty and the cozy element of the cave can actually make the whole ceremony rather romantic and special. What’s more, you won’t need any fancy decorations – simply by adding a few bright candles, some flowers, and a few other rustic décor items, you can make the cave look like the most romantic place ever.

Saying “I do” inside a forest
If you’re passionate about the outdoors and looking for a unique yet stunning location to get married, a wedding in the woods is yet another epic idea you could consider. Just like you had imagined, a wedding in the woods can transport you to this mystical fairytale land – complete with an enchanted forest, fairies, butterflies, flowers, and lanterns. Your dream wedding in the forest can be themed around all these interesting elements from your imagination. You could adorn the surrounding trees with lanterns and fairy lights. Arrange toadstool tables and chairs, or even rustic looking wooden log tables and benches for the guests. Have a few tents pitched up for the guests and ask them to dress up as fairies and elves. A forest wedding is not only going to be extremely special, but is also bound to be simple and beautiful. So if you’re a nature lover, a forest wedding is definitely the perfect option for you.

Guest Blogger: Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Kimberly Coastal Camp, a beautiful island resort in Queensland. She loves to travel and is extremely fond of trekking. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @ NicolaJoseph.

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