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4 Inspirational Ways To Welcome Out-Of-Town Guests

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Planning a wedding can be stressful—not just for the bride and groom, but also for out-of-town guests. Consider a recent poll conducted by Harris Interactive, that revealed one in 10 adults ages 18 to 34 plan to attend three or more weddings this year. If you’re planning a wedding this year, take the time to make your guests feel welcome and appreciated for sharing your special day making your celebration stand out.

Here are 4 inspirational ways to welcome out-of-town guests:

Whether you are planning your dream destination wedding or celebrating with hometown nuptials, chances are that you will need to find comfortable lodging for your out-of-town guests. In order to provide relaxing accommodations, reserve a block of rooms at a hotel that meets your standards.

Photo by teems via Flickr1. Home Away From Home

Reserve a block of local hotel rooms to make your guests feel appreciated before they arrive in town, and offer benefits such as group rates. Start by visiting the hotels within close proximity to your wedding venue. Look for comfortable, spacious rooms, complimentary breakfasts, nice accommodations and even shuttle services that may be available. Request pricing and don’t be afraid to negotiate! Each hotel’s policies will be different, so make sure you are aware of any costs you’ll be responsible for if a guest cancels their reservation.

Photo by Contentment Sikher via Flickr2. Welcoming Touches

Find a personalized way to make your guests feel appreciated by leaving a welcome bag in guests’ rooms before they arrive. Depending on the hotel, you might even leave the welcome bags at the front desk so that your guests receive the bags upon check-in. Fill your bags with snacks, water bottles, maybe even a map and agenda for your wedding weekend. Make it extra special with a note from you and your groom, thanking them for traveling to celebrate your special day. Pay special attention to your presentation. Lots of pretty ideas are available on Pinterest.

Photo by Rice and D via Flickr3. Go Big for Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party has surely pulled out all the stops with your bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties and more. Make them feel appreciated for all their hard work by leaving a hand-written thank you card, a bottle of champagne and maybe even chocolate covered strawberries so that your dearest friends and family can share in the romance of your wedding weekend.

Photo by Lynn Kelley Author via Flickr4. Mommy’s Little Helper

For guests with small children in tow, some post-travel relief will be welcome. Create a children’s activity kit to keep them busy while mom and dad rest and get ready for the weekend’s festivities. Include crayons, paper, age-specific games and activities to keep the little ones occupied, while keeping in mind not to include messy crafts or noisy toys. You might even get extra crafty and create a word game centered around a wedding theme!

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