6 Transportation Tips To Help Your Wedding Run Smoothly

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6 Transportation Tips To Help Your Wedding Run Smoothly

It’s easy to go a little crazy as the wedding approaches if you feel like you’ve not got everything under control.  Transportation can sometimes be an issue which is why we’re going to look at some things you need to keep in mind while you are planning your wedding.

  1. Book well in advance
    If you don’t book your transport well in advance you might end up with nothing.  You should have all your transportation booked 6 months in advance.  It won’t look good if you turn up to your wedding in the back of a taxi.
  2. Out of town guests
    You can’t just think about yourself because it’s your job to make sure all your guests have a great time.  You should arrange transportation for guests that are coming from out of town.  A good suggestion would be a mini-bus to pick everyone up from their hotels and drive them around.
  3. Meet in person
    These days everyone does everything over the internet, but when you’re booking your transport you should do it in person.  Instead of going around speaking to every company you can decide which one you want to go with by looking at different websites.  After you’ve made your final decision go and speak to them.  If you don’t look at the transport before you hand over money you might be disappointed by what shows up at your door.  So check out what you are getting in person.
  4. Allow for more travel time
    You need to realize nothing ever runs smoothly and you might end up running late at some point during the day.  Before you write your schedule you should remember to add on some time before and after you’re meant to be driving anywhere. If it takes 15 minutes to drive to church you can put it down as 30 minutes and you won’t end up stressing out in the back of the limo because you’re stuck in traffic.  An extra 15 minutes would also be enough time for someone to quickly change a tire if it were to blow.  Planning is important.
  5. 6 Transportation Tips To Help Your Wedding Run Smoothly
  6. Treat the bridal party
    The bride and groom are the VIPs, but the bridal party play a big part on the day.  Even if you don’t let everyone into the limo with you they could come straight behind you in another vehicle. Ask everyone to jump in with you when you’re driving to the reception and you can share a glass of champagne before you arrive.  Once the reception is over they can jump into one of the guest buses to go back to their hotel.
  7. Prom bookings
    If your wedding falls during prom time or graduation season (late March to late June) you may want to book five or six months before your wedding date just to be on the safe side.

I know transport might not seem very important at first, but you can’t have a successful wedding without it.  Once you decide what your wedding date will be you should reserve your vehicles and get that off your to-do-list.

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