Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

5 Wedding Centerpiece Ideas For Your Quaint Reception

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image-tableSince you were a little girl you have been dreaming of your wedding day. The invitations, the flowers, the DRESS…all you needed was the groom! Now that he’s finally made his entrance, it’s time to dig out your old wishing box and start planning the wedding! There will be the theme to choose, the location to consider and the guest list to make—there’s so much to do!

After making some calls and getting things organized, you’ve learned that everything people have said about weddings is true; they’re astronomically expensive. The crystal and flower centerpieces you had imagined bedecking the reception hall are just the fantasy of a little girl. But wait a minute! Don’t give up so quickly! You can still have your fantasy décor, it’ll just take a little extra imagination, but you already have that in spades!

image-decorReception Hall Décor: The Centerpieces

Having had a lengthy discussion with your partner on the theme of the wedding (who knew he would have so many opinions!) you have both decided that a rustic-styled wedding best suits your coupledom. You have found the perfect rustic dining tables and the sweetest little barn to hold your reception, now all you have left to do is decide on the design of the centerpieces!

Centerpiece 1: The Bountiful Harvest

At every wedding you’ve ever attended, the reception hall is always festooned in floral arrangements, isn’t it? Though floral centerpieces are the tried-and-true wedding décor method, it is a little been there, done that. Are you looking to do something a little different? If your wedding date is set for the fall, adorn your tabletops with a cornucopia or woven basket filled with gourds, walnuts, pinecones and dried twigs. If you want to bring a little more femininity to the table, add some wild flowers to the centerpiece!

Centerpiece 2: The Upcycled Arrangement

If you usually keep fresh-cut flowers in your home year-round, you probably have an ample supply of flower vases in different sizes and colors. Instead of digging into your wedding budget and buying even more vases, just spray paint your current glass stash with white porcelain spray paint for a clean, simple look.

Centerpiece 3: The Guiding Light

Show your guests that your love shines a glowing light on all who support you with lantern centerpieces. Arrange each lantern with a cluster of small, candle votives. A large candle should be placed inside of the lantern, just remember to have them lit before your wedding party arrives in the reception hall! If you’re worried about having a burning flame, opt for the electronic flameless candle.

Centerpiece 4: The Party Favor

There are two major décor hassles to contend with before and after you say I do: the set-up and the clean-up. Instead of going with the customary large wedding centerpieces that you’ll have spent loads of money on just to throw away, make small succulent centerpieces that are arranged in groups along the table. Tell your guests that as they leave they are invited to take the succulents home! If there are any remaining succulents just take them home and move them to a planter to sit on your windowsill or on the back patio.

Centerpiece 5: Verdant Garlands

As we discussed earlier, you don’t have to go with a traditional centerpiece. Long garlands extending from either end of the table gives a fantastical, forest-like ambiance to the reception and will make your guests feel that they are in an enchanted fairy grove. You can use live or synthetic garlands, and to give it its air of magic, wrap the garland with twinkle lights.

There’s no wedding décor rulebook you have to follow when you’re planning your wedding. Remember, your wedding is about you and your partner!

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