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6 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement

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shutterstock_179938892Getting engaged is a hugely romantic and important occasion in your life — one that’s not likely to happen all too often. Now that you and your partner have decided to make your love for each other into an official (and legal) commitment, you’ll no doubt be searching for the right way to celebrate.

It’s important to recognize that celebrating your new engagement will be something that’s personal to you and your partner. If you’re not a party animal, then throwing a massive bash doesn’t have to be on your horizon. On the other hand, if you love to entertain and shine, then screaming it from the rooftops as quickly as possible may be the ideal option for you. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you’re doing it for you!

Here are a few ideas for how you can celebrate the newest step in your lives together.

1. Revisit Your First Date

If you’re looking for something particularly romantic, it doesn’t get much better than this. Whether you go to the spot where you first noticed each other, or re-enact the first time you officially got together as a “couple”, up to the point of eating the same meal, and ordering the same wine, an engagement is a great time to reminisce about where it all began. Revisiting your first date gives you and your future husband or wife an opportunity to get sentimental and discuss the stories that took you from awkward dates and kisses, to where you are now.

2. Find A Way to Announce It

Toady’s couples are using just about every imaginable approach to inform their friends and family about their new engagement. Generally, your parents and closest friends should get the news through an in-person visit, however, you can give the information to everyone else in your life however you like. From a social media update with matching profile pictures, to an official announcement in your local newspaper – the opportunities are practically endless.

3. Scrapbook Everything

It may not be the first thing you think about during the midst of a proposal — but the chances are that you’re going to want some keepsakes and memories for the future. Whether its photographs of someone on one knee, tickets to the theater from the night in question, or a napkin from a restaurant you ate at that day, take some time to make some memories about the day. If you’re struggling for crafty and creative ideas, you can always check Pinterest or Etsy for a few inspirational images.

4. Get Some Pampering

After your engagement, the chances are that for the next few weeks, everyone is going to want to know every detail about how it happened, when you’re planning the wedding, and so on. Not only will this mean that you’re going to want to look your best while under the scrutiny of your friends and family, but you’re also going to want to get in some relaxation while you have the chance. Go for some couples pampering sessions with mani-pedis and massages to help you build on that incredible feeling that you got when the all-important question happened.

5. Take a Couple’s Trip

Whether you decide to hop on a plane and travel across the world, or you visit a bed and breakfast close to home for the weekend, one of the best ways to celebrate your engagement is to take some time with your new spouse-to-be and relax. Even a small vacation at home where you tune out the buzz of the world around you and simply spend your time connecting with your other half can be a great way to bask in the happiness of your promised future together.

6. Get an Engagement Photo shoot

Finally, if you’re planning on getting official engagement photos for your “save the date” invitations and photo albums, try to make sure you get them done while you still have that “just engaged” glow. Remember, these photo shoots don’t have to be frustrating, all you need to worry about is looking happy and having fun. Even if a professional photo shoot isn’t immediately available, make sure you get a few pictures of yourselves together in the moment — this will give you a great way to look back on the memory of that wonderful day.

Celebrate Your Own Way

Remember, there’s always the opportunity for a huge party, barbecue, or get-together if entertaining guests is right for you, but don’t feel pressured to do your celebration a certain way because that’s what your friends and family expects. This is a day that’s all about you and your spouse-to-be, so just enjoy it!


Contributed By: Candice Farhadi is the Founder of Wrapped In A Cloud, a luxury line of customized gifts. When she reached her 20’s, friends started having babies, getting married and reached other milestones. She found herself in search of the “perfect gift” but discovered the difficulty in finding a quality, personalized product. Out of her love for warm, plush, must-have items – the company was born.



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