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7 Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

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 Weddings. If you’re between the ages of 25 to 35 every summer you probably now receive an influx of over the top invitations from besotted couples asking you to celebrate their big day with them at a posh hotel. No doubt it’s 50 miles up the road, which means you either have to pay through the nose for a taxi to get home or fork out half your life savings to get a room for the night.

Okay, that might sound a little bitter and negative but weddings are expensive and also come with certain rules about dress code, which means you also spend the month before hurriedly searching for something appropriate. While you run around your town centre like a mad person, keep these ten things in mind:

  1. Jeans

It’s a chance to dress up, why spoil things and pull on your skinny jeans? Yes, they’re comfortable – unless you get stuck in them – but they don’t really scream special occasion.

  1. Anything that shows a lot of flesh

Leave the plunging necklines, thigh-skimming skirts and cut out dress for the next girl’s night out, weddings aren’t the time or place for skimpy outfits – there are grandparents around.

  1. A tiara

It’s not your day, it’s the brides, so steer clear of any accessories that could be considered bridal wear. This includes tiaras and dangly diamond jewellery.

  1. A prom dress

No matter the colour, a proper prom dress will always look suspiciously like bridal wear. Yes it might have been an expensive dress you’ve only worn once – and congratulations are in order if you can still fit in it – but your friend’s wedding is neither the time nor the place to bring it out again. Head to a site such as Blue Vanilla or one of our many high street stores, where you will find plenty of dresses and skirts perfect for wedding season (that you can wear more than once!)

  1. A matching trouser suit

If you’d wear it for a job interview leave it in the wardrobe. Trousers and a blazer are fine, paired with a nice top, but that grey two-piece from M&S is best left for boring meetings and business affairs.

  1. All black

When you try on that black dress, ask yourself: ‘would I wear this to a funeral?’ If the answer is yes, it is definitely not suitable wedding attire. It’s a day of celebration, plus black is considered bad luck when it comes to weddings. So the saying goes: ‘Married in black you’ll wish yourself back’ – okay that might apply to the bride but you don’t want to tempt fate! Weddings bring out superstition in the most logical of people.

  1. White


And no, cream and silver are not acceptable either. Anything that resembles a wedding dress in any way is going to receive side eye from the bride and all her family.



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