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After the Wedding: 4 DIY Projects for All Those Leftover Supplies

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After the Wedding: 4 DIY Projects for All Those Leftover Supplies

The big day has come and gone, and you’re getting settled in your married life. If you’re still surrounded by all the supplies and photos from your wedding, it’s time to launch a decluttering mission. Don’t throw out those leftover wedding favors, supplies and materials—give them a second life as presents, materials for thank you cards and home decor.

DIY Thank You Notes

One of the most pressing matters to attend to after the wedding is the thank you cards. If you forget this essential post-wedding step, you’ll have your extended family giving you sidelong glances for at least a few months at family gatherings. Thank you notes can use up wedding supplies such as ribbons, tulle and stationery. Since you’ve already eaten the cost of themed stationary or created your own, there’s no point in bringing in even more supplies for your thank you notes—you already have everything on hand you could possibly need. For some inspiration on thank you note styles and patterns, take a look at Martha Stewart’s wedding site.

Wedding-Themed Christmas Cards

The first Christmas for joined families can be a bit hectic. You don’t have to do gifts for the entire family, but sending out Christmas cards is a good way to let them know that you haven’t forgotten them post-wedding. Card stock, wedding photos, glitter, beads and patterned tape give you a good basis for photo cards. For inspiration on photo cards and their customizable features, visit to take a look at their Christmas cards.

Multi-Purpose Favors

Favors go a long way for post-wedding parties and other occasions. Plus if you have an open bar, you probably had lots of guests who completely forgot to take their favors home with them. Depending on the type of favors you made for your wedding, you can create a versatile table centerpiece for family dinners and parties, give out small gifts as “thinking of you” presents or set them to work as home decor. Buzzfeed goes over some of the most popular DIY favors for inspiration, such as customized lip balm, s’mores kits and hangover kits.

Memory Albums and Scrapbooks

If you want to offload your wedding supplies, but you’d like to do it in a way that’s directly related to your wedding, think memory albums and scrapbooks. You don’t want to fill it to the brim with your wedding photos, favors, and other items though. Leave enough room in the album or book for the recipient to put their own pictures and mementos of the day in it. When they have the option of personalizing it, it becomes a cherished heirloom instead of something they’re only going to look at once. If you don’t think that you can put together the entire album from scratch, you can start with a barebones scrapbook or memory album and go from there. Craft stores have aisles upon aisles of scrapbook additions, or you can cut out your own from cardstock and construction paper. Thinking Closet has a great guide on putting together a scrapbook if you’ve never done so before.

About the Author:  Jodi Durham ~ Jodi is a mom and kindergarten teacher originally from Alabama. She likes to think her Southern charm gives her writing a little edge.

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