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The Art of Choosing Wedding Music

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When planning a wedding, of course you want it to be absolute perfection. It can make choosing everything suddenly seem extra important. Are the flowers just right? Does the menu fit your reception style? Do the colors of the dresses and ties match? Some details don’t seem that important until you look at the entire picture. And of course, wedding music falls into that same category. Here are some tips to help you pick the perfect music to portray the mood and emotions you want on the Big Day.

Who is Doing the Music?

It’s important to solidify who exactly is doing the music. Is a friend playing CD’s during the ceremony? Will you hire a harpist? Are you opting for a live band from Pennsylvania or DJ services in NJ? Does the venue require you to use very specific services? How the music is going to be played is going to have an impact on your decisions. A harpist may be limited in what they can provide. Live band may also be limited. DJ’s are not as limited but you want one that fits your style!

How Much Do You Need?

Most people start off with thinking about music for the bridal processional and for the reception. It’s a bit more than that to be honest. Here is a quick checklist to go over and be sure you are covering the music accordingly.

·  Pre-ceremony music, what your guests hear while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

·  Groom processional, what will play when he walks down the aisle.

·  Bridal party processional, the music for all bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk to.

·  Bride processional, her personal song to indicate her entrance into the ceremony.

·  Wedding party recessional, the exit music for you, your partner, and the party.

·  Reception music – overall what will be played for you and your guests to party to.

o  Bridal party processional music – often played during reception when you all arrive.

o  First Dance – for the newly married couple.

o  Mother/Son Dance – for the Groom and his mother.

o  Father/Daughter Dance – for the Bride and her father.

o  Garter Belt Toss

o  Bridal Bouquet Toss

o  Married Couple Recessional

Of course, not all weddings fall under those categories. Not all weddings have one bride and one groom nor are all traditions (the garter belt toss for example) are followed. These are just simple guidelines to offer ideas on what could be covered. Adjust the guidelines to suit your wedding and style!

How to Decide?

Deciding on the music can be overwhelming. Tackle those easy answers quick. If you and your loved one have a song, that’s a perfect fit for the first dance. If you have a favorite band, they can probably hold over your guests in pre-ceremony music. The important thing is that the music reflects you. Wedding ceremony music should be inviting, perhaps soft, but denotes the grandiose thing that is about to happen.

There is a growing trend for the bridal procession to feature a dance party working its way down the aisle. If this is your style, you should go for it! It’s fun and fabulous and brings extraordinary joy to the nuptials. If that just seems too overwhelming, simplify it to some lovely classical piano music. If you are marrying in a church, ask if they offer a pianist or if the choir is available for your Big Day.

Remember, the music is just one aspect and doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Take notes if a song comes on that strikes a chord with you. Decide the easy first and come back to the other later when you have had time to think about it. Most importantly, enjoy it. You are going to remember this day and you want it to be a fantastic memory!

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