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Backyard Weddings: Emily & Steve | Cape Cod, MA

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From the Photographer:

It was almost October, but it felt like the middle of July. The rays of the setting sun danced over Crystal Lake as guests found their seats beneath a tent brimming with hand arranged flowers and fairy lights. The newlyweds, Emily and Steve, looked adoringly at each other beneath a crown of sparkling bud vases. The crowd grew hushed as the father of the bride got up to give his toast. He first thanked their guests for making the lengthy journey to attend his daughters wedding. He joked about calling the Governor of CT to complain about the traffic on their behalf. Many had made the 5+ hour drive from Staten Island, NY to Cape Cod, a trek he knew all to well. Ever since the kids were little, they would jump in the car on a Friday and head out to their vacation home on Crystal Lake in Orleans, often arriving past midnight. Emily would wake up just in time to run around the house exclaiming “Cape Cod, Cape Cod, Cape Cod!” He wasn’t the least bit surprised when, many years later, Emily wanted to get married on the Cape. His thoughts immediately went to a lavish yacht club wedding at one of the premier venues on the Cape, but she had something else in mind. It was then that he realized….their home on Crystal Lake WAS Cape cod to her. The wedding could only take place here, in their back yard. Along with the help of her sister-in-law, Emily turned their vacation home into her dream wedding venue with many many DIY projects.

Walking around the house, you felt like you were exploring a perfectly curated Pinterest board. When guests arrived they could take a load off in several outdoor “rooms” that had been created by hanging old shutters and window frames. Antique mirrors worked double-duty as décor items, and as signs promoting the couple’s wedding hashtag. Inside the house, guests were reminded that today was the “Best Day Ever!” Thoughtful personal touches livened every corner of every space. Beneath the reception tent, DIY chandeliers hung over tables draped in burlap and lace. Hand arranged flowers and lanterns decorated the table tops. The sweetheart table sat atop a Persian run and beneath a set of hanging bud vases. Even the cake got it’s own special spot beneath galvanized metal initials lit up with fairy lights. The garage was transformed into a dance floor with even more burlap, lace and fairy lights.






  Photography:  Brave Hearts Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights



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  • Thank you so much for publishing Emily & Steve’s wedding, which I had the privilege of photographing! It was truly one of the most beautiful and fun weddings I’ve been a part of.

  • A most beautiful wedding for the most beautiful couple! So happy that this was featured! Much deserved! Love these two ♡

  • Such a tremendous honor to be featured. Without my sister, my friends and my mom all would have been impossible. Building a wedding out of nothing in 7 months is possible- but lunatic. Hope the rest of you brides enjoy a long, relaxing engagement. Not painting floors, building steps and doing your own flower arrangements. Without my incredible, glorious and wonderfully talented photographer – Katie Yeaton, I’d have been sunk.

  • Hi Emily – we are so happy to feature your gorgeous wedding. Thank you for sharing it with us. We wish you two a healthy and happy life!

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