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Bringing Laughter and Fun to Your Wedding Day

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Have you ever watched an episode of “Bridezilla” and thought that the bride and groom on the show were really missing the point? Things like the perfect dress and the ideal cake, the much talked about wedding venue and the catering menu are all important things. Are they more important than the actual sentiment behind your wedding?

A wedding is meant to be an intimate expression of the joining of two lives and two families. Even more so a wedding is supposed to be a reflection of the character and personality of the bride and groom. The guests should feel like they are participating in a special day that celebrates the love of the married couple while also enjoying these small expressions of their unique personalities. Family and friends take enjoyment out of sharing these intimacies on a special, landmark day.

So while most couples are planning the small perfections of the formal event, it is really important to discuss ideas on how their history, their great shared stories and experiences, as well as their spirit of fun, adventure and humor can be expressed at the wedding reception. After all, it is one of the most important parties a couple will ever throw together. Shouldn’t it be a little fun? Let laughter be the gift you give in return to your guests along with an evening of entertainment.

A Fun Engagement Photo

Start by announcing your upcoming wedding with a quality engagement photo. It does not meant that the box standard engagement photo should be used necessarily. If either the Bride or the Groom have been pranksters their entire lives (or are known for expressing a great sense of humor) the engagement photo is an opportunity to make everyone laugh with your creativity.

Setting the Tone with the Invitation

The first tip that you will give your guests that your wedding is going to be a little less formal is of course with the invitation. There are a lot of ways you can add that playful element that allows your guest to anticipate a more lighthearted and funny event, rather than a serious and formal one. The invitation sets the mood for the upcoming reception.

Create comical wedding invitations. The invitation can feature a picture of the groom running away from the bride or looking fearful. This is a fun way to poke fun at a groom who has joked about finally settling down with a wife. Although the Bride’s family may not appreciate the joke (or the reluctant groom) most people understand that it is a cliché and will enjoy the humor in it.

Using a personalized photo for your invitation is charming but it is even more interesting when the couple get a little creative. If you are looking for inspiration, check out “25 Ways to Make Your Wedding Funnier” for some hilarious samples of very unconventional wedding invitations that will make you wish you had attended the wedding. Personality counts and taking a fun, lighthearted approach to your wedding can make it one of the best events of the year for your family and friends.

Having Fun at the Main Event

Ladies if you’d like to test the Groom a little, why not put a timer to count down the days until your wedding. Nothing tests the resolve of a Groom more than a ticking clock that is counting down to the wedding day. Have a little fun while you wait for the date to arrive. Or gift each other with a fun novelty ring reminiscent of the “ball and chain” to keep the laughs coming.

Regardless of the creative license you have used with your engagement photo and your invitations, when it comes to the main event most people are going to expect the traditional schedule of events. But if you have decided to make your wedding the opposite of boring, there are a number of novelty items that can entertain and make your family and friends laugh.

Go for an unexpected “Reluctant Groom” cake topper for your wedding. If you are going to be serving the cake, this novelty cake topper will have everyone chuckling as they pass by. Why cut the cake with a standard, boring and frilly knife when you can cut it with a novelty saw instead. Putting wine on the table? Why not put a wine-cozy on each bottle and make it something fun like a sock monkey or of course no wedding night would be complete without hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. If family and friends are going to be knocking on it the next morning, get the last laugh by hanging a novelty and fun sign like the “Newlywed Door Hanger: Stay Out!” which in the very least, will have people smiling in the hallway rather than waking you up the next morning.

Give door prizes away that your family and friends will enjoy like the “Hopside Down Beer Glass” or if the Bride or Groom are musically inclined, a themed cheese grater will remind guests with a smile every time they use the novelty grater in their kitchen.

And since you have an evolved sense of humor, why not gift the next happy couple with a unique novelty to make them laugh? Check out the “100 Reasons to Panic About Getting Married” book which makes a perfect engagement or shower gift for the Bride and Groom. Spread the fun! You may even start a new trend in your circle of family and friends toward more humorous and lighthearted wedding events which are high on personality and low on cost.

If you have always been the ‘fun’ couple with a great sense of humor, one of the biggest gifts you can give to your guests (as well as yourselves) is to allow your wedding to be a true expression of that very sense of humor that your friends and family love the most. Incorporate your love of laughter into your wedding ceremony for a memorable and more meaningful event.

About the Author: Claudia Johnson is associated with Funslurp for a long time. She likes funny and unique gifts and in spare time she loves to write about cool gifts for men and women.

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