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How to Have a Cheaper, Boho Wedding

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Weddings are incredibly special days that with any luck you will only get to experience for yourself the one time. Thus a wedding is an occasion and an excuse to pull out all the stops and to be as extravagant and elaborate as possible. You want everything to be special, everything to be perfect, and every detail to bring a smile to your guests’ faces.

Unfortunately that then also means that most weddings will tend to be rather costly and tend to take rather a toll on your bank account. ‘Special’ tends to mean ‘exclusive’ which tends to mean ‘expensive’ – which is why the average wedding can easily end up costing $30,000 or more.

This is kind of inconvenient if you have other plans in the near future – such as buying a house and starting a family. And it’s also quite a problem if you just don’t have that kind of money sitting in the bank.

But there is another way to have a wedding that’s special, memorable and beautiful and it doesn’t have to cost the Earth – that’s to go boho!

Why Boho?
Boho for those not in the loop of course means ‘bohemian’. A bohemian wedding is one that’s artistic, that’s quirky and that’s ‘DIY’ in all the best ways. That means that you design the wedding yourself to be beautiful and magical, but that you use more inventive means to do so and that you put your own stamp on it in that way.

Let’s look at transportation as an example. Traditionally transportation for a wedding is going to mean a large limousine, or perhaps an expensive sports car. Either way this is the kind of transportation you don’t get to ride in every day which is what makes it so elaborate and exciting to have at your wedding. It’s also what makes it so obscenely expensive…

But another option is to try traveling in something that’s less ostentatious and more quirky. This could mean anything that you don’t travel in regularly because it’s unusual rather than because it’s expensive. What might an example be? Well it could mean a burned out banger which is amusingly ironic and creates a visual juxtaposition between the beautiful dress and the horrendous paint job. Alternatively you could head off on a tandem bicycle which will be sure to get laughs and create some far more memorable pictures. You could drive off in a white van that you’ve meticulously decorated yourself with lights and other things, or you could leave on a scooter and sidecar. There are plenty of options that are just as unique and just as ‘special’ but that won’t cost the Earth.

Other Examples
There are many other examples of how you can do a boho wedding cheaply. You could make your own wedding dress for instance, or fashion something out of a curtain (don’t attempt unless you have serious skills!). You could use your friend’s garden as the venue and really decorate it to be as beautiful as possible with fairy lights and hundreds of gnomes (whatever floats your boat!). You can sign your guitar instead of having a guest book. You could have a fry up for your wedding breakfast instead of a big three course meal…

And you see the wonder of all this is that you are actually get a much more memorable and special day out of your attempts to be unique and to have a little fun. There’s no chance your wedding won’t stand out, and it will be brimming with personality and unique touches.

A word to the wise though: do make sure that you don’t cut corners on every element. You do want some of your memories to last a little longer than the things you can make yourself, and you do want to stay traditional where it sends a message of commitment and love. Things like your diamond ring and your honeymoon are still worth splashing out on, as is the wedding dress if you don’t have the skills to make one yourself.

But otherwise, your wedding is fair game! Get creative and see how much more fun and how much less stressful the whole thing becomes…

About the Author:  Nicola Joseph, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger, currently writing for, Diamonds On Web, renowned suppliers of diamond rings and earrings. She is great with designing and loves experimenting with software. You can get in touch with Nicola via Twitter @NicolaJoseph.

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  • I love the garland and veil combo! It seems like if you’re on a budget, a boho theme definitely makes sense. I just saw a craft that would work really well for a boho wedding — necklaces made out of fresh flowers — would totally go with that garland! You should check it out:

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