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Chunky Wedding Jewelry Making A Statement This Summer

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Hello, DIY Weddings readers! As we enter this incredible summer wedding season, I am going to start my first post to you with an observation: jewelry for bridesmaids is getting to be so fun. And, is being done in a bunch of different and inexpensive ways, so what could be better?

I have noticed a lot of bridesmaids being outfitted with chunky wedding jewelry from a variety of stores, in many styles and fashions. A lot of stores offer inexpensive chunky wedding necklaces and earrings just like this one:

Jayden Floyd,
Jayden Floyd,

This is just one example of the chunky, flashy jewelry that is becoming common in weddings. Instead of the simple, common, drop jewel necklaces and earrings that were previously popular, these chunky pieces are becoming more than accessories. They are being used to bring together bridesmaid groups, such as when a bridal party doesn’t all have the same, uniform dress. Having a piece like a necklace or a pair of earrings serve as the thread tying all of the bridesmaids together works incredibly well.

Also, chunky jewelry is used as a pop of color, often different from the bridesmaid dresses. Especially for the summer season, having all of the color really goes well during this sunny season. Chunky wedding jewelry of a different color helps tie in all of the colors of the wedding as a whole, and provide something different to each bridesmaid’s ensemble without clashing. In the cases where the jewelry matches perfectly to the bridesmaid dresses, the jewelry still helps emphasize the color of the dresses. Using bigger bobbles adds an extra element to the bridal party, making each bridesmaid have more of an outfit versus just wearing a dress.

In addition, chunky wedding jewelery doesn’t call for having both earrings and necklaces per se, which is awesome because it allows you to draw attention to one or the other. It isn’t incredibly overwhelming, because choosing just one lets the jewelry still look classy. Chunky jewelry is also fashion forward, adding a modern look to even traditional weddings. Chunky wedding jewelery like this also serves very well for photographs on the big day. Take for example, this bride and bridesmaid:


The bridesmaid’s earrings accompany her dress very well, and can be easily seen because of their chunky stature.

I haven’t seen a lot of chunky wedding jewelery being used for the bride herself, but I think that is good. It allows her to stand out in an additional way, since she has her own, unique jewelery that is just hers. Also, I think that having the bride not have chunky wedding jewelry sets her apart from her bridesmaids in the way that she has her own colors just for her to go with her white dress, the often classic, drop necklace.

Finally, the inexpensive cost and accessibility of chunky wedding jewelry makes it all the more appealing. You don’t necessarily have to go to a bridal shop to make the jewelry happen, since retail stores, boutiques, and every store in between carries their own variety of this kind of jewelry. Also, going this semi non-traditional route can make a bridal party even more unique. With so many stores carrying such a wide variety of styles and colors, you can get something that other bridal parties may not have considered, making your wedding all the more unique. You can also tailor the level of chunky, the amount of color, and the jewels and pearls in your chunky wedding jewelery to fit the style of your wedding.

Chunky wedding jewelry allows you to really customize your wedding in an additional way. Accessories aren’t always the first thing people think of, but they can really add to the style and sophistication of the wedding as a whole. Though there isn’t anything incorrect about basic and simple jewelery, chunky wedding jewelry has many pros for inclusion in weddings, especially in the summer. I think this trend is fabulous, and is something we will be seeing for awhile!


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Josie Bungert

Josie Bungert

Josie is a recent graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, where she studied journalism & English. In her time at Creighton, she was Editor in Chief of their student publication, The Creightonian, and was also published as an intern at Omaha Magazine. In her free time, she enjoys blogging and running, and is a lover of weddings, cats & coffee.

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