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Consider Traveling With Alternative Honeymoon Jewelry

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Honeymoon travel jewelry kitsYour special wedding day surpassed all expectations. Finally, off to the honeymoon!

Honeymoon travel is a great time to spread your fashion wings. Special restaurants, buzzing night clubs and beachside galas under the stars all present opportunities to bring on the bling.

Not so fast!

Do you really want to carry your expensive ice to unknown lands? Are you confident that those flimsy little lock boxes in your hotel room will keep out the varmints, not to mention wandering fingers hovering around your poolside purse as you play a little beachside volleyball without the jewels flopping to and fro around your neck? Do you really want to be a slave to your belongings?

cubic zircon and semi-precious stones wedding ringsBefore risking your cherished keepsakes while traveling, we suggest you browse through Dream Jewelry’s engagement and wedding set collections where you will find affordable cubic zircon and semi-precious stones alternatives that look similar to your original diamonds. They have a great selection of affordable jewelry that travels well and keeps you on your A game.

Included with all wedding & travel collections are individual boxes and pouches to avoid those inevitable metal snarls in your carry-on bag!

Here’s a few travel tips including how to select fewer items that work great in any setting:

If you’re traveling abroad to unknown destinations, don’t take any piece of jewelry that you can’t afford to lose. Sounds logical, but it’s surprising how many people buckle to temptation. Consider an inexpensive replacement featuring man-made stones or semi-precious gems that will serve perfectly well for your trip.

cubic zircon necklacesSimple yet exquisite pendants and chains can be dressed up or down, extending the functionality of far fewer pieces that need to be carried. Quartz, light opals, clear crystal and cubic zirconia all work great in place of precious rocks.  Once you’re back home and sharing those trip photos, nobody will notice you played it smart by leaving your more expensive pieces back home.

cubic zirconia jewelry

Vacations should create memories & dreams, not screams!

To extend your styling options while traveling, choose flexible pieces that adapt to many looks. Neutral simulated pearls are timeless and genre-crossing. Clear CZ studs, crawlers, small hoops or drops will complete any evening ensemble but won’t hamper you during daily activities. Simple chains and bangles can be grouped to match any look or ensemble.

cubic zircon bracelets & earringsDon’t want to cramp your fashion flare?  Understatement doesn’t need to be boring. Why not try some contemporary designs in crystal, zirconia or quartz?

If you want to remain on-trend during your travels, a little destination research before hand never hurts. If you’re heading to any sun destination, don’t be shy about colorful accents. Big and bold is always hip. Slick geometric cuts and the smooth tapered contemporary curves of current minimalist styles can’t miss in an major modern city. Classics work well on the old continent as well as the Americas where intricate workmanship never goes off trend. Even the bohemian and hipster movements borrow many elaborate vintage touches.

cubic zircon and semi-precious stonesHeading somewhere potentially unsavory? Read advisories and err towards caution. Jewelry should be a fun style accessory to complete your look, not thief bait!

Contact Dream Jewelry for special pricing on a mix and match kit that suits your style and budget. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the extra savings they will offer. All you need to do is ask and they’ll put together the set of your dreams. Coupon Code: TRAVEL20 entitles readers to 20% off Dream Jewelry’s already marked down prices.

Look great, feel secure and never let your expensive jewelry interfere with your trip.

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