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Creating The Perfect Wedding Music Playlist Sets The Tone For A Memorable Day

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Creating The Perfect Wedding Music Playlist Sets

Creating a fantastic wedding music playlist helps create a romantic mood and an ambiance that is so important to make sure everyone enjoys themselves at your wedding. People of all ages love music and are attracted to a wonderful song with a memorable beat. Wedding receptions give everyone the chance to cut loose and have fun dancing, from the tiniest ring bearer and the prettiest little flower girl to your Grandparents and their friends. The key is to pick music that everyone can truly enjoy and become immersed in, and music that isn’t too generation specific.

One of the best genres of music to choose from is Motown. It seems as if people of all ages love the Motown sound. The beat of the songs, the rhythm, and the harmonies have been passed down between the generations to create a musical style that has endured for decades. Some of the best dance music comes from Motown, as well as some of the most romantic love songs ever recorded. And this is what weddings are all about. The free expression of every emotion, whether they are happy feelings or touchingly heartfelt emotions.

Get Everyone Up Dancing

The most important thing to do during the dancing part of the reception is to get as many people as possible up out of their chairs and on the dance floor. During cocktails and dinner, the music is important, but it mainly serves as a backdrop for wonderful conversation and for enjoying food and each others company. When it is time to dance, however, the choice of wedding music becomes incredibly important. When it’s time for special dances like a bride and father of the bride dance, or a groom and mother of the groom dance, the choice of the perfect song helps to create a beautiful, lasting memory.

It helps to consult someone who is very knowledgeable about music. It doesn’t matter whether the person you choose is a close friend or an acquaintance. If you are up on all the latest trends, you will probably do just fine selecting your own wedding playlist. But if not, don’t be afraid to consult someone with knowledge and experience in the field. They will know how to perfectly blend upbeat songs with slower songs to keep the right pace.

Deciding Whether To Use Professionals

Disc jockey’s and live bands can be hired for your reception, and they will often have valuable knowledge and experience to carry with them from performing at other weddings. Today, you can also decide to take the do it yourself route with an iPod or laptop computer and a loud amplification system. This is usually done for two reasons; one is to save money on hiring live bands or disc jockeys and the other is so the bride and groom have total control over the music chosen.

No matter which route you choose, the selection of songs to fill your wedding music playlist is important to be sure everyone enjoys your reception. It’s crucial to consider the ages and nationalities of those who will be attending your wedding. It’s also smart to make thoughtful musical choices that will appeal to the widest audience possible. Weddings are fabulous occasions for making lifelong memories.

Guest Blogger:  From the guys at Penny Lane, a dedicated and hardworking Melbourne wedding band. They care deeply about the quality of your wedding music, going so far as to learn 4 songs of your choice (maybe even more).

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