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Creative Ways to Tell a Story on Your Wedding Day

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Up until your wedding day, you’ve already experienced a beautiful love story. It might not be as perfect as in the movies, but you’ve still had a wonderful journey that has brought you to your engagement and finally your marriage. When your wedding is approaching, perhaps you want to continue that story and make sure that your wedding day tells a wonderful tale. Rather than just being a party, your wedding can be an event that you can look back on in the future and see as a sequence of events that come together to tell a story. But how can you do this in a fairly natural way?

Pick a Theme

Choosing a wedding theme isn’t essential, but it can be helpful, especially for a DIY wedding. It gives you a direction to take your plans in so you’re not just making choices at random. If your want your wedding day to tell a story, it’s a good idea to pick a theme, particularly one that goes beyond just choosing your wedding colors. Your wedding theme doesn’t have to be something whacky like Star Wars or Shrek (yes, someone has had a Shrek wedding). You can use a theme that you can easily tie into an event, like a specific era, country or even a book or movie you love. You can use something for loose inspiration if you want.

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Start with a Wedding Website

To begin your wedding story, a website is a great idea. Wedding websites have been used for a while now because they can be pretty useful. While some people don’t bother, couples who do use them often find that they help them keep guests up to date. You can even use your wedding website to make it easier for people to give their RSVPs and meal choices, as well as view your registry. A website can get you started on your wedding story by allowing you to set up your wedding theme, include details about your story as a couple so far, and set the scene for the big day.

Share a Literal Story

A lot of couples choose to share their love story as part of their wedding day. This can be a great way to set up the day as a continuation of your story. There are plenty of ideas you can use for sharing your story in different ways. Some couples decide to put on a slide show. Others put photos from throughout their relationship around the venue or even write a cute story or poem that they can display somewhere. If you’re a couple that likes to record yourselves, putting together some videos is a great idea too. Or you can create a video that re-enacts your relationship in a funny way.

Write Your Own Ceremony

Your wedding day is all about you as a couple, so you don’t have to follow a set form if you don’t want to. One thing some couples choose to do is come up with their own way to run the ceremony. That might mean writing your own vows or coming up with a script for the whole ceremony. It’s a great way to make the ceremony unique and memorable, particularly if you want to go beyond the standard wording of a civil ceremony. There might be some specific things you need to say if it’s a legal ceremony, but otherwise you can say what you like. Have a look at this link for ideas for writing your ceremony.

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Choose the Right Photographer

A picture paints a thousand words, and stories are often best told in images. Having someone to photograph and perhaps film your wedding helps to create a story throughout the day. You should look for a photographer who specializes in telling stories and not just taking photos throughout the day that don’t seem connected to each other. You can see more here to find out how a photographer can tell the story of your wedding day. Your photographer can create posed shots and capture more candid moments during the day too. A video package can be a lot of fun too if you’re willing to pay for it.

Craft the Perfect Playlist

Music is hugely important for a lot of people, and many couples have favorite songs that tell their story. Choosing the best music for your wedding day can be an awesome way of both telling your story so far and adding a new chapter to it. Music helps to create great memories so you can make parts of your day more memorable by choosing the right music. For many couples, the first dance song might be important but perhaps the playlist for the rest of the night isn’t so much. But if you’re trying to craft a beautiful story, a carefully selected wedding playlist can help you. You can think about music to use both at the ceremony and the reception.

Schedule the Day

You might not want to make your wedding day schedule too strict, but you usually need to have a good idea of the order of events. In fact, creating a schedule for the big day can be a good way to use your storytelling skills to weave a magical tale. You can choose a schedule of events that moves everyone through the day at a good pace and helps to ensure that you create memorable experiences. If you have a program of events, that can serve as a written story of the day too.

Get Someone to Write Your Story

If you’d like to do something a little different, getting someone to write a book about you and your intended is an interesting thing to do. A service like Wedding Story Writer will start to write your story, from your childhoods to how you met and got engaged. Then they’ll come to your wedding and take notes during the day so they can finish off the story with the big event. Everything will be printed in a beautiful book that you can read whenever you want, either to yourself or perhaps to your future children. It could be a unique item to pass down through the generations as a special heirloom.

Create a Curated Wedding Album

Having a photographer at your wedding is a great start, but you often end up with a lot of photos to sort through when you receive them. Some photographers will curate your photos into an album or collection for you, but you might also prefer to do it yourself. If you create a wedding album, you can do more than just put the photos in it. You can take a scrapbooking approach and add text and other mementos, like pressed flowers from your bouquet. A wedding album can last a long time if you look after it, giving you wonderful memories to look back on.

Use More Modern Methods

Some couples don’t want to have people with their phones or other gadgets in their hands throughout their wedding. But if you don’t mind everyone having their phones or cameras out, a more modern approach to creating a wedding story can be effective and a great DIY tactic too. You can use social media to create your wedding story in real time. Use image-focused social media like Instagram and Snapchat, as well as other sites where you can use hashtags like Twitter. Create your own hashtag, Snapchat stories, and more to document your day. Just be aware that it’s not always easy to download and save all the photos and videos that get uploaded. Ask your guests to save them if they can.

You can create a beautiful wedding story with a few creative techniques. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, although you might want to invest some more money into some methods.

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