Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding Tips For Your Big Day

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Now that a lot many people choose to opt for destination weddings, they have become the new trend.

Destination weddings can be great or a disaster depending upon how you approach them. If you are careful enough in planning things, then it will certainly go in your favor.

We talked to a wedding organiser who gave us a good idea of Sydney dj hire and other things lined to destination weddings.

In case you have been wondering about what all tips can come in handy, here is a brief list to help you out.

Location matters

We all know destination wedding is entirely based on the destination. Location matters a lot. So when you are picking the right location, you will have to think a lot of things beforehand. Since it is a dicey issue, you need to be able to consider your budget, the availability of your guests, the ease with which they can reach the location etc. Ask your spouse for their opinion. Also, take some advice from wedding planners. They will help you decide which place will suit you best.

You cannot do without a wedding photographer

Once the big day is gone, it is only memories that you can cherish. Remember the song Good Riddance by Greenday where they say: “So take the photographs and still frames in your mind, hang it on your shelf of good health and good time.” You will need to hire a good wedding photographer who already has experience in destination weddings. We want to be very clear with you. Without a good wedding photographer, your wedding is incomplete! Destination weddings are done for a reason. Aren’t they?

Visit the place in advance

You cannot risk finalising a location and visiting it directly on the wedding day. While it is possible to do so, it is not advised. Taking a trip of the location will help you make better decisions in terms of hiring the caterers, planning the theme, booking a wedding photographer etc.

Weather, it’s all about the weather

You wouldn’t certainly want it to be raining on your wedding day, isn’t it? Weather conditions matter a lot in deciding the final venue and the date of the wedding. Don’t blindly finalise a location without doing a thorough research. In case of destination weddings, another factor that rules your choice is the availability of spots. For a place that is having a crowded schedule, it will be difficult for you to find a wedding spot for yourself. In such cases, try to book in advance.

Tell your friends and family about your plans

Again, this is very critical. Since you are planning to elope to a place which might be away from home, you have to take other people’s schedules into consideration. Tell your family and friends that you have plans to go to some particular place and that they might need to take some leaves. Informing them will  help them to drop out in the last moment. No wedding is complete without family and friends.



Also, music matters. Consider hiring a good dj service for your wedding. It will not only add to the vibe but also make your big day more happening. Cheers to your special day! We hope the memories last forever!

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