Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Discover Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony Space

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When planning your wedding, you have the option of what type of scenic, romantic space will accompany the vow exchange you are about to make with your new spouse. In order to get your creative juices flowing, here are some examples of places where you can take your first steps as a married couple.

Photo by Nathan Stambro, via Flickr.
Traditional, church weddings are beautiful and classic. Photo by Nathan Stambro, via Flickr.

Charming Church

A traditional church wedding could be perfect for you and your spouse-to-be, especially if a sacred space is important to your day and future together. Churches make the music set up a breeze, provide a religious base for a life together, and have the added benefit of being fully enclosed. There’s no worry about your venue if the weather were to be poor or cold, and the atmosphere is made for beautiful, timeless pictures. Also, even though churches can be close to your heart, there are many to choose from, so you can have a little bit of flexibility with the look, style, and feel, if you so choose.

Photo by Ashley Deason, via Flickr.
A dreamlike ocean setting is serene. Photo by Ashley Deason, via Flickr.

Beach Dreamin’

A beach wedding is perfect if you and your soon-to-be, especially if you want to emanate a laid back atmosphere in which to begin your life together. Beach weddings provide your guests with a relaxing place to take in your vows, and help you celebrate your future. Beaches have breezes, so if you know you want flowing drapery, dresses, and suits as part of your big day, a beach wedding could provide the perfect backdrop. If you are wanting to have a smaller wedding with fewer guests, beach weddings provide a very intimate setting for your big day.

Photo by Adam Red, via Flickr.
Walk up to your front door and say hello to your ceremony space. Photo by Adam Red, via Flickr.

Backyard Bliss

Outdoor weddings, though becoming common, can be made more unique by being in the front or backyard of you or your parent’s home. The comfortable feeling of home is built into this venue style, and you normally don’t have to do a lot of decorating with what landscaping and trees are built into the yard. This cost-effective addition allows for money to be spent on other aspects of your wedding, and lets you have the wedding of your dreams. If you are very family oriented, and want to invite as many people as you want, an outdoor wedding usually allows for a lot of open space, and no limitations placed by a venue. Having your family and friends literally surrounding you, either sitting or standing, provides a great warmth on your wedding day.

Photo by Bruce Bentley, via Flickr.
Take a rustic staircase and make it into the entryway into your new life. Photo by Bruce Bentley, via Flickr.

Outdoor backdrop

There are so many places outdoors that can be made into a beautiful venue. This photo shows an old stone staircase made into a great altar space. You can create something like this, even if there are no permanent stone places. Bringing in rock or landscaping to a plain grass area, or simply displaying bouquets up against a stone retaining wall, can create a romantic space for exchanging your vows. Being outside in a field or a well-decorated treeline mixes the classic feeling of elegance with fresh air. This venue option would also allow for many guests, which is very appealing if you want a large wedding, but are unsure how all of the guests could fit into a restricted venue space. Having an outdoor wedding that is not at a home, but instead in an open field area could also allow for a built-in reception space right near by.

There are endless varieties of venues to choose from and create for your big day, but these are just some options for inspiration. Whatever location you choose, make sure it encompasses everything you want to convey through your big day, as well as the future you are about to share together.

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