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{diy Projects} A Unique Guest Book Alternative ~ Storyline

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Post Card Thank YOu

Looking for a unique alternative to the boring guest book? This storyline project isn’t just cute it’s affordable! Here is what you need:

Materials Needed:

~ White Card Stock
~ Different color pens
~ Clothespins


  1. Cut some white card stock into postcard size.  You can either take it to a Kinkos or you could just do it yourself with a paper cutter.
  2. Set out different color pens and a bowl or basket of clothespins.
  3. Finally, post a sign with instructions stating that you want your guests to write their favorite memory or funny story about you, your spouse to be, or you both as a couple.
  4. Encourage people to doodle and illustrate their stories.  Display the cards by tying twine or white string across a corner of the room or between two trees, if you are outside.  It also doubles as a great way to entertain your guests.




It’s great to have a few close friends display their stories prior to guests arriving to start the trend!


Source & Photography: Project Wedding


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