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diy Projects: Creating Your Own Favors

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Even hard-core DIY brides can see the advantage of getting a little head-start in creating their own favors, and that’s exactly what favor kits do. These photos show the fully assembled favors, but the kits arrive with separate packets containing all the elements you need to put the favors together–minus the treat, which can be whatever you choose.

Much more cost-effective than fully assembled favors, favor kits typically provide enough materials for as many as 50 favors, though you can find them in quantities of 24, 36 and 48, too. As you can see, some of these favors can be personalized–always a nice touch.

While it may be called “do-it-yourself”, assembling these favors is a great excuse to round up friends and family for a “Put ‘Em Together!” Party. A couple of pizzas, some soft drinks or wine, and you’ve got everything you need to “do-it-together” and have all your wedding favors ready in no time!

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