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diy Projects: Eco-Friendly Outdoor Chandelier

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This is a cool idea.  You can use these if you have tables under some trees and you want a chandelier effect above each table. Maybe you have some trees that are scattered about the backyard, just hanging a few sets of these will look awesome.  What kind of jars to use? Think mason jars, baby food jars or any small jars that people use on a regular basis. Ask neighbors, relatives, co-workers and friends to recycle them. Set up a time you can collect them. Now that is eco-friendly!

Materials Needed:

  • Baby Food Jars
  • Round (or square) cooling rack
  • S Hooks
  • Roll of thin wire
  • Decorative Beaded chain (or ribbon or anything really that you might want to use to suspend your jars)
    sand (or pebbles)
  • Tea light candles


  1. Turning over your cooling rack – you will want to tie 4 pieces of wire (1 piece from each corner) and then gather in the middle and twist together at the top to form a small hanging loop. Attach a S hood and crimp closed.
  2. Just at the underside of the lip (I used a piece of wire about 16 inches so that I could wrap around the top of the jar several times for a really nice tight fit) you will want to wrap your wire. Bend the wire in what would be about half and pull around the jar top tightly; cross the wires and bend in the opposite direction around the jar. Next insert whatever you want to use to hang your jars – one end on each side (here I used decorative beads)and continue on bending your wire so that your beads (or ribbon) is trapped securely under the wire. When you come to the end of your wire piece simply twist in a knot and tuck the end anywhere into the wire. At the top center of your beading attach a S hook and crimp closed.
  3. In each jar add a little sand or peddles and sit a small tea light candle.
  4. Suspend each jar from your wire cooling rack in whatever pattern catches your fancy. Hand from a tree or your patio or whereever you would like a little ambient lighting. Very Simple to make but very Chic in it’s simplicity.

Note: With any of our diy projects, if you should recreate the project, send us pictures, materials you used, final cost per item to make and your advice/feedback and we will feature you. Use our submission form.

Project & Photography: Michelle Kaufmann


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