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{diy Projects} Fan Wedding Programs With A Twist

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Now this is a great program fan by Intimate Weddings.  Why? Because while you are waiting in the church for the beautiful bride to walk down the isle,  bless them, they have given you something to do!  On the backside the bride choose three games for her guest to play: a Mad Lib, a fill-in-the-blank, and a word search.  Very clever.

Easy DIY Wedding Programs Tutorial

Materials Needed:

~ A2 sized folded cards (or card stock cut to size and folded)
~ Golf pencils, pre-drilled with holes wide enough for ribbon to pass through
~ Popsicle sticks, also pre-drilled
~ Scissors
~ Needle with a large eye
~ Corner Rounder Punch
~ Thin ribbon
~ Double Sided Tape

Note: A2 is a great size because there’s room for content, but they’re not so big that they’re floppy. If you go with a different size, make sure that when folded, the programs will be sturdy enough to write on. All designed in Microsoft Word on a regular ink jet printer.

program steps


1.  To start assembling, open up a card and put double stick tape on three sides.
2.  Then put double stick tape on both sides of a popsicle stick, covering about half of the stick. Center on the card and press in place.
3.  Close the card, pressing to seal the edges.
4.  Using the corner rounder punch, carefully round all four corners.
5.  Cut a piece of ribbon that, when halved, is long enough to reach from the end of the popsicle stick to the end of the pencil, while still allowing enough slack to write on the program.
6.  Thread the halved ribbon through the hole in the popsicle stick.
7.  Use a lark’s head knot to secure.
8.  Thread the two cut ends of the ribbon of the ribbon through a golf pencil.
9.  Knot the ends to secure, then trim.

More detailed pictures, sources and instructions on Intimate Weddings

Project & Photography: Intimate Weddings

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