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diy Projects: Paper Vase Favor Bags

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Paper Vase Favor Bags

Another great favor bag idea.  This one come from Once Wed.  Not only can you use these as a wedding favor but how about at your bridal shower.  You can coordinate the flowers with your theme. Bags come in array of colors. The possibilities on this project is endless.  Materials and instructions follow:

Paper Vase Favor Bags

Materials Needed:


1. Using a pair of nice sharp pliers, cut the tops off of 4 or 5 miniature artificial flowers so that they are approximately 1.5″ long.

2. Bundle flowers together and wrap with a small piece of masking tape or floral tape.

3. Tape flower bundle down to paper bag, centered and approximately 1″ from the bottom.

4. Using template, trace shape for vase onto backside of the patterned decorative paper and cut out.

5. Fold under edges approximately 1/8″ and run a bead of glue along both tabs.

6. Press firmly in place onto bag over flowers. I found it easiest to hold and secure one side for a few seconds and to then press the other side down.

7. Cut a piece of 8.5″ x 11″ solid color card-stock into 1″ strips. Fold strips in half and using scissors, snip a notch at the folded end to form two paper flags. Write your message onto the flag, fill bag with contents, fold top of bag down 1/2″ onto itself 3 times and clip flag onto the front using a miniature clothespin.

Your cost will vary depending on how many of the supplies you already have on hand, and how many bridesmaids you have, but these favor bags shouldn’t run you more than $10-$15 total.



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  • You can put anything in these. Cookies, candies or mints. If you are doing a garden theme you could fill it with seed packets {flowers or herbs}, a small clay pot, a packet of dirt with some garden gloves. If you are having an eco-friendly wedding, you could put a tree bulb in the bag with a message “plant a tree save our planet”.

  • I think I will fill with plantable seed paper 🙂

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