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DIY Wedding Bouquet Preservation

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DIY Wedding Bouquet Preservation - see more inspiration at

My wedding bouquet is just too simple, no extraordinary flowers in it. It is just consists of white tulips accentuated with lilies of the valley. But still I opted to preserve it. I already have in mind how I would go about it even during our wedding preparation.

– Heavy book
– Photo frames
– Scissors
– Burlap
– Felt Clothe
– Pressed flowers

1. The next day after our wedding, I selected a couple of stems of the tulips and lilies of the valley from my bouquet (of course I chose those that are less withered). These flowers were put in between two bond papers then inserted inside the heavy book.
2. I think the flowers will dry up for 8 weeks or so. But in my case, it got stuck inside the book for 7 months (hehe!) Just a piece of advice: Try to dry up as many as possible, why? As dried flowers got brittle, you have to be very careful when removing it from the paper. So just in case you’ll get to damage some of the flowers, you have reserve. Also, some flowers might not dry up the way you want it to be, it may be a bit darker (I don’t know the reason behind).
3. Next thing to do is to cut out the burlap and felt clothe. Get the size of the frame glass and use it as the size of the clothe.
4. Now, get the cut out burlap then make a hole inside it. The burlap will serve as the frame inside the frame.
5. Once all the materials are ready, let’s start with the framing! The photo frame must be faced down, then layer it first with the burlap, then with the flowers, then with the felt clothe, and finally cover it with the back of the frame.

Basically that’s it! Easy peasy right?! You may hang it on your wall or place it as decor on your bedside table.

Bride Submission: OJ Egbuji

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