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diy Wedding Crafts: Baby’s Breath Crown

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Create your own Baby’s Breath Crown for your wedding or for your flower girl:

Materials Needed:

  • baby’s breath
  • 18 gauge wire*
  • green floral tape
  • pliers

*The wire type is up to you. The higher the gauge, the easier it is to manipulate.


  1. Form the halo to fit the head you’re crowning.  Create hooks with the two ends, hooked them together and then pinched each hook with the pliers so they stayed closed.
  2. Decide the size that works for your project and cut the baby breath stems into small bunches.
  3. Start with one bunch, lay it against the wire and wrap around it with the floral tape. Continue around the circle, tucking baby’s breath bunches in and wrapping it with the tape.
  4. Cover a little more than half with the flowers and wrapped the rest of it with just the floral tape.

You can see more photos of Baby’s Breath Crown project at This Heart Of Mine.

via This Heart Of Mine


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