DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Budget Candle & Flower Centerpiece

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diy Wedding Crafts: Budget Candle & Flower Centerpiece
Looking for an inexpensive centerpiece for your long wedding tables? This is it!

Materials Needed:

  • Votive holders
  • votive floating candles
  • green mums
  • long mirror {optional}


  1. Line up your votive holders and fill with water
  2. Add a floating candle and a mum opposite of each other
  3. Additionally, you can add a long mirror under these to reflect the light off the table.

You can most of these materials either from IKEA or the dollar store. Mums from your local florist.  A full length mirror can be found at Target or Kmart. Remove frame and backing and lay mirror directly on table.

photography: via Karen

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