DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Candlestick Glass Candy Bowls

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diy Wedding Crafts: Candlestick Glass Candy Bowls

Materials Needed:

  • Different sized candle sticks
  • Rustoleum 2X brand Primer
  • White Glossy Spray Paint
  • Various glass jars
  • E600 Glue
  • Variety of candy

diy Wedding Crafts Candlestick Glass Candy Bowls


  1. First applied a coat of the Rustoleum primer and let dry
  2. Apply several coats of white glossy spray paint, letting dry in between coats
  3. Secure each jar with glue to each candle stick
  4. Fill with your favorite candy

The total cost for this project: $25.00 for the candlesticks, the glass jars, and the 2 cans of spray paint.

via Bargain Bound

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