DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Cheap Glitter Vases

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Materials Needed:


1.Use any type of masking tape and tape off where you want your glitter to end.  Use your fingernail to press down the edge of the tape firmly so the glue won’t leak under the tape.  Another fun option would be to do stripes instead of solid glitter.

2. Use a brush loaded with Mod Podge and cover the vase with the glue.  Don’t worry that it is white because it dries clear.  When you are applying the Mod Podge by the tape, only brush down into the glue area and not up into the tape.  Again, we are trying to keep the glue from leaking under the tape where we don’t want it!

3. Lay down a clean piece of paper and generously cover the glue area with glitter.  Gently knock the vase on the work surface and look for areas that are thin or missing glitter then add some more.  Carefully pour the excess glitter back into your glitter container from your clean piece of paper.  Set the vase aside to dry.  You will know when the Mod Podge is dry because it will dry clear and all you will see is the glitter.

4. Once the Mod Podge has dried, add a bit of water to a small bowl of Modge Podge to thin it out.  You need this layer thinner so it will be easier to spread over the glitter.  Again, load your brush with the thinned Mod Podge and cover the glitter with a thin layer.  Remove the tape after this second layer has been applied, before the glue dries.  This second layer will keep any glitter from falling off the vase, and again, don’t worry because it dries completely clear.

If you happen to get some Mod Podge under the tape like I did, just let it dry completely then use your fingernail or other hard surface to gently scrape it away.
Source:  My Kitchen Escapades


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