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diy Wedding Crafts: Christmas Light Bulb Place Cards

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diy Wedding Crafts: Christmas Light Bulb Place Cards

Break out your old Christmas lights! If you are having a winter theme wedding here is a great idea for your place cards.

Materials Needed:

  • Christmas light bulbs
  • Paint
  • Embossing pen or paint pen
  • Wire edge ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Paint each light bulb in colors that complement your table setting; let dry.
  2. Using an embossing or paint pen, write your guest’s name on each bulb.
  3. Wrap the end of each bulb with wire-edge ribbon.
  4. Coil the ends of the ribbon using a pair of scissors

Tie the bulbs with ribbon around your napkins or place each bulb above your guest’s dinner plate.  You could even use this project as escort cards adding table numbers to them.

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