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diy Wedding Crafts: Clustered Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

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DIY Wedding Crafts: Clustered Pearl Bracelet Tutorial
source: Twinkle & Twine

There is nothing like receiving a handmade gift from the bride.  Here is great and affordable bridesmaids gift, a handmade pearl bracelet, that you can make that will be a lasting  memory for your bridesmaids to wear long after the wedding has taken place.

DIY Wedding Crafts: Clustered Pearl Bracelet Tutorial
source: Twinkle & Twine

Materials Needed:

– Faux pearl beads in coordinating colors and a variety of sizes
– Metallic thread  or  metallic sewing machine thread
– Elastic – You only need a piece long enough to go around your wrist. The elastic shown  .5″ wide
– Needle (make sure it is thin enough to fit through the hole in your pearls)
– Scissors


Step 1: Cut a piece of elastic slightly longer than the circumference of your wrist.

Step 2: Overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch them together.  Sew them together by hand by making stitches in the shape of a square so that the ends would be securely connected. You could also stitch the ends together with a sewing machine if you would prefer.

Step 3: Cut a piece of metallic thread twice as long as you’d like to stitch with. Thread it through the needle and knot the two ends together so that you will be sewing with two strands of thread.

Step 4: Sew up from the underside of the elastic, thread a pearl on your needle and stitch back down through the elastic securing the pearl in place. Repeat this process until the elastic is covered in pearls…that’s it! As you’re sewing the pearls on make sure to vary the color and size of the pearls that you use so that you end up with an interesting mixture. Also, make sure that you do not leave any bits of elastic showing through, small pearls work great as filler for any little spaces. Whenever you run out of thread, knot it off on the underside of the bracelet and start a new piece.

See more photos for this tutorial by Twinkle and Twine.

source: Twinkle and Twine

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