DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Coffee Bean & Tea Wedding Favors

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Source: Inspired By This
Source: Inspired By This
Source: Inspired By This
Source: Inspired By This

Materials Needed:


STEP 1:  Stamp each linen bag. We like using pigment ink because the color is more saturated and has better coverage. Let it dry for about an hour. Then, we suggest running a hot iron over each stamped image to set the ink and avoid smearing.
STEP 2:  Fold the linen bag in half and at about 5/8th of an inch in from the edge, use one tip of the scissors to poke a small hole through all four layers of fabric. Make sure not to make the hole too big. Having a small hole keeps any loose tea or coffee from falling out and it also gives the ribbon a pretty gathered look.
STEP 3:  Unroll your paper clip leaving one end still folded in. You want it to serve as a hook to pull the ribbon through the hole. Pierce the unrolled paper clip through one side of the ribbon. On one side of the bag, pull the paper clip and ribbon through both holes. Since the hole is small this may require some gentle pulling, but try not to pull too fast or forcefully because it may tear a bigger hole.
STEP 4:  Pull paper clip and ribbon around the edge to the other side of the bag and pull the ribbon through the opposite holes.
STEP 5:  Your paper clip and ribbon should now be inside the bag. You can either tie a knot with both ends of the ribbon inside the bag, or quickly run the ends through a sewing machine to secure them.
STEP 6:  Fill your bag with coffee beans or tea and put your wooden spoon inside either side of the holster.

Source: Inspired By This


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