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diy Wedding Crafts: Confetti Throwers

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confetti-thrower-2DIY Confetti Throwers

From one of our favorite sites, Oh Happy Day check out this cute DIY Confetti Throwers for your wedding.

Materials Needed:

– Tissue Paper
– Plastic Tubes
– Scissors


Step 1: To make the confetti cut strips into the folds of tissue paper then cut through the strips to make little square confetti’s. Make sure the size of your confetti is small enough to fit in your tubes.
Step 2: Put the confetti in the clear tubes and cap the lid so they are ready for your guests.

More photos here.

source: Oh Happy Day


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  • This is a great idea! Also a great way to throw a surprise into your reception. The best advice to follow this up with is how to effectively get away with it! Majority of venues will be sure to give a quick stern “no” or be quick to add a confetti cleaning surcharge to your bill. If planned properly, venues will barely even notice, what this usually means is be prepared to clean immediately after throwing, so dedicating a “cleaning crew” is a great idea. The best advice that I was given by a venue once was, “don’t ask, just do; and make sure the confetti is cleaned up quickly.” With that said, streamers are much easier to clean and just as effective, instead of cutting into small pieces, cut into thin strips. The last bit of advice if using at your reception, be sure to stay away from candles, tissue paper will burn quickly! Great article! –

  • Thank you Fletcher for some great advice! We love feedback so thank you for taking the time to write to us and share this important information with our readers.

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