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diy Wedding Crafts: Dessert Table Chalkboard Backdrop

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We found this giant chalkboard, by Elsie Larson, filled with sweet descriptive doodles that serves as the backdrop for this bridal shower dessert table. We love this idea also for an fun outdoor wedding reception.

Materials Needed:

– MFD wood
– course sanding box
– wood molding for frame
– nail gun and staples
– chalkboard paint
– roller
– colorful chalk


  1. Choose your MFD wood size
  2. Lightly hand sand down rough areas
  3. Roll on chalkboard paint. Let dry. You may want to add 2 coats.
  4. Using the nail gun, attach wood molding creating a frame.

Set up and doodle away. You may want to consider using stencils to trace on some cool arrows or lettering if you don’t have anyone with really good and creative handwriting skills.  Just have fun with it!

Photo: Elsie Larson/

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