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diy Wedding Crafts: Family Photo Table Runner

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diy Wedding Crafts: Family Photo Table Runner - get inspired at

This is such a fun way to display photos at a wedding or event, and also a fabulous conversation starter.

Materials Needed:

– a strip of fabric muslin. cut to length and width (can be bought at craft stores like Michaels)
– glue and glue gun
– family, childhood, engagement photos*
– photo paper

*Do not use original photos for this project. Take your photos to a copy center. We like Costco at a few cents each per photo. Print two sets of the same photos so each side has the same matching photos.

The runner, pictured above, is about 9’ long and took about 160 photos. They used 60 photos and duplicated them.


  1. Starting at one end, use a hot glue gun to secure the pictures to the fabric. One small dot goes a long way.
  2. Overlap pictures and let them hang off the edges, don’t be afraid of covering up parts of the photos since you can put one of its duplicates elsewhere on the runner.
  3. When you are about halfway through, go to the other end and start over. This way you meet nicely in the middle.

source: Ruffled

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