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diy Wedding Crafts: Handmade Button Boutonniere

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Materials Needed:

  • mix of buttons like those in Button Bonanza White
  • ribbon (check out Black/White Striped Grosgrain  or a beautiful satin ribbon)
  • craft wire
  • florist’s tape
  • pearl-topped corsage pins
  • wire cutters
  • floral leaf picks


  1. Begin by threading a stack of buttons of increasing size onto the craft wire(cut to 10-12 inches in length), smallest buttons first down to the largest in your selection.  Twist the wire at the bottom of the stack tightly to secure the stack.  I used different amounts and heights of buttons to make each stack a slightly different height when finished.
  2.  Twist wrap the florists tape around the wire stem approximately half way down the wire.
  3.  Add floral leaf picks or other decorative items the same way by wrapping the bundle with florist tape to approximately the mid-point.
  4.  Once you have all three button flowers and leaf stems individually wrapped, group them in a pleasing way as one bouquet and twist the wire stems together.  Wrap the whole stem from base of the bouquet to the tip of the wire with white florist’s tape.
  5. Once the wrap is in place, use your fingers to corkscrew the bottom tail of the boutonniere.  You can also arrange and shape the leaves and button flowers since they are wired which makes this boutonniere extra friendly to design!
  6. Add a bit of ribbon and corsage pins so this boutonniere is ready for the big day!

See step-by-step photos for this project at

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