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diy Wedding Crafts: Hanging Memory Quilt

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handmade wedding bridal quilt - get inspired at

We love this idea of making your own memory quilt for your wedding. Featured in our Winter 2013 Red Edition, Sarah, the bride, and her best fried Shannon, share with us how they made this beautiful memory wedding quilt for her wedding.

handmade wedding bridal quilt

Shannon: The first thing I do when I make one of these hanging memory quilts is gather all of the fabrics and keepsakes from the wedding that I want to use. Be creative. Use linen napkins, ribbons, handkerchiefs, buttons, even pieces of clothing. I like to applique some of the items onto the quilt so that they are immediately recognizable as what they originally were. The other fabrics can be used to make quilt blocks, like the traditional double wedding ring block. These are all one of kind items, and it would be tragic to ruin them, so draw your idea out first. It doesn’t mean you can’t change things later if you get new ideas but it will lessen the chance that anything will be ruined by cutting before you are prepared. Another tip is to make sure this is washable so that your heirloom lasts forever. If you want to incorporate paper items like programs, make pockets for them or photo copy images onto fabric. I like the idea of pockets because items can be removed for washing and the quilt also becomes a safe storage place for all of those extra mementos. After you have sewn the top together make your sandwich. A tablecloth from the wedding is great for a backing material. If you don’t feel comfortable constructing the sandwich there are shops that will put it together and top stitch for you!

Sarah:  I knew I would need to part with a lot of the DIY ‘stuff’ from the wedding & wanted something to remind me of our beautiful day.

Bride & Groom: Sarah & Brandon {wedding portfolio}
Craft Project:  Shannon Lawhon Rauh




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