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diy Wedding Crafts: Instagram Wedding Calendar Idea

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diy Wedding Crafts: Instagram Calendar

This project alone is a great idea, however, we are going to take it a step further and suggest that you create a wedding calendar and frame the month you were married in – using engagement photos, photos leading up to your big day and then adding some wedding photos to it.  A great memory to hang on your wall.

Materials Needed:

– 31 4×4 PostalPix Photo Prints (depending on the month, of course)

– White Paint Pen (or any color of your choice)

– Adhesive

– Chipboard Letters

– Sticky Tack

– poster board (white, or any color of your choice)

– frame (Michael’s)


  1. Decide on what placement you’d like to the put the photo prints in for the month.
  2. Number each month with the white paint pen.
  3. Attach the prints using Sticky Tack to your wall – you can easily move them around month to month.
  4. Use chipboard letters to represent the day (Target) but you can easily print them out yourself.
  5. Do this for the month name as well.

Additional Steps For Framing:

  1. Make sure your poster board and frame fit together.
  2. Use a poster board to arrange your calendar on.
  3. Using Sticky Tack or adhesive, secure your pictures in a calendar format.
  4. Secure chipboard letters.
  5. Frame and hang.

source: Earl Grey Blog
photography: Earl Grey


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