DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Lavender, Mint & Cucumber Spray Favors

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diy Wedding Crafts: Lavender, Mint & Cucumber Spray FavorsRefresh with All-Natural DIY Mist favors, a refreshing spritz of fragrant water is a great way to keep your guest cool at your outdoor weddings.

Materials Needed:

  • Mist bottles
  • Strips of julienned cucumbers
  • Sprigs of Lavender
  • Sprigs of Mint
  • Labels (labels from


  1.  Fill mist bottles with water and a few strips of julienned cucumber or sprigs of lavender and mint.
  2. Label bottles, and set them on a tray.

Note: Cucumber is known for its hydrating properties, and lavender and mint are reputed insect repellents.


Source: Martha Stewart

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