DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Make A Mini Balloon Topiary Tree

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Materials Needed:

  • 12 x 5” latex balloons
  • 1 x pot (eg 5” plant pot which could be sprayed with silver or gold paint)
  • 1 x dry oasis brick
  • 1 x length of dowelling (approx. 24”)
  • Mini pebbles
  • 2” wide ribbon
  • Glue


  1. Cover the dowelling with ribbon
  2. Place the oasis in the pot (secure with glue if necessary for stability) and glue the dowelling into the oasis
  3. Inflate balloons with air
  4. Tie two balloons together by knotting the necks together. Repeat, creating 6 sets of 2 balloons
  5. Place one set of 2 balloons on top of another and rotate 90 degrees. Press down so the knots ‘lock’ and then twist the balloons around each other a couple of times to secure together. Then add another set of 2 balloons and again, twist to secure. Repeat until a ‘ball’ type cluster is created.
  6. Place the balloon cluster on top of the dowelling.
  7. Place mini pebbles in the pot until the oasis is covered.
  8. To add the finishing touch, tuck lengths of tulle in between the balloons and leave a longer ‘tail’ to trail down the dowelling. Wire garland is also perfect for winding around the topiary tree and twisting around the dowelling. The picture shows wire garland with holly leaves which provides the finishing touch for a Christmas table centre.

Feel free to mix & match colours to make your tree stand out, or even scale up your design with bigger balloons for a bigger visual impact!



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