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diy Wedding Crafts: How to Make a Fabric Pinwheel Flower

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diy Wedding Crafts: How to Make a Fabric Pinwheel Flower -

Thinking about using pinwheels in your wedding?  Look no further. We found this easy to do fabric pinwheel flower tutorial by Little Livingstone.  Make a bunch of these, insert sticks into a foam square and make cute centerpieces. Use these as your guest escort cards and add attach cute paper tags with guest names and table numbers on them.

how to make a pinwheel flower2

Materials Needed:

  • Fabric
  • Matching Thread and Needle
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo Skewer
  • Glue
  • Circle Templates
  • Button



  1. Make 2 circular templates. A bigger one for the petals, and a smaller one for the flower base.
  2. Cut out 10 of the big circles in your fabric and 2 of the smaller circle.

1 Pinwheel Fabric Flower DIY
3. Grab your skewer and glue the wrong side of one of your small circles. Place he skewer {tip side} onto the circle.
2 Pinwheel Fabric Flower DIY

4. then place the second smaller circle on top and sandwich your skewers inside

3 Pinwheel Fabric Flower DIY5. Leave your skewer to dry for a bit and take one of your big circles

5. fold it in half and make a few stitches at the point just to secure it



6. Once finish sewing all your petals, place glue in center and start glue each one onto the stick – one slightly on top of the other

8 Pinwheel Fabric Flower DIY


 7.  Finish it off by sewing on a button in the middle


Photography & Project: Little Livingstone


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