DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Mason Jar Oil Lamp

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diy Wedding Crafts: Filled Mason Jar Oil Lamp


approx. cost $5

Materials Needed:

  • mason jar w/ lids (flat cap lid & ring lid)
  • smokeless odorless paraffin oil
  • fiberglass wick (never needs replacing/do NOT advance wick)
  • wick holder insert (glass or metal)
  • drill

3-5 items below:

  • pine cones
  • evergreen trimmings
  • berries
  • holly
  • seedpods
  • lichen/moss
  • fern fronds
  • sticks, etc.


1.  put decorative items in clean jar, arrange items until you get the look you want

2.  fill w/ unscented paraffin oil

3.  drill hole in top of flat cap lid same diameter as wick holder insert

4.  thread fiberglass wick through wick holder insert

5.  place the wick (& wick holder insert) in the lid hole & put the lid on the jar making sure the wick hangs in the center of the jar

6.  screw lid ring on jar tight


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