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diy Wedding Crafts: Vintage Metal Pail Cupcake Stand

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Vintage Metal Pail Cupcake Stand |

How to make this Vintage Metal Pail Cupcake Stand:

Materials Needed:

  • Small steel pail
  • Medium Classic Round Metal Pail 9in
  • A 2-tier cake stand, glass, silver or decorative
  • Floral foam blocks
  • Elmer’s® glue-all max®, 4 oz. {waterproof! @ Micheals}


  1. Turn the medium steel pail inside down and glue the round metal pail on to the top. Let dry.
  2. Insert the cake plate inside the round metal pail.  You can either glue this plate in permanently or secure with floral foam around sides to hold it securely in place. Make sure you use waterproof glue!
  3. Add water to the floral foam blocks. {Note: I would suggest to set this up at the venue, once you add water this will be heavy to transport or carry.}
  4. Decorate with flowers and cupcakes

Top Section:

  1. The easiest way to assemble the top flowers is to get a smaller floral foam block, soak it in water, remove and let extra water run off {you don’t want water mixing with cupcakes on top stand}.
  2. Arrange flowers.
  3. Now insert on top piece and arrange cupcakes around flowers.
  4.  You could also forgo the floral foam and just lay the flowers on top among the cupcakes. I would do this as late as possible so flowers are still fresh when guest arrive.



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