DIY Wedding Crafts

diy Wedding Crafts: Mini Budget Flower Bouquets

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Materials Needed:

  • Purple stock
  • Orangey-peach African roses
  • White waxflower
  • Using filler flowers, like stock and waxflower, is the way to make bouquets more full without going bankrupt


  1. Bunch a few of your flowers together
  2. Cut them down to desired mini length
  3. Tie them all together with a rubber band or floral tape
  4. Cut a square piece of tissue paper and place the mini bouquet at one corner of the tissue paper
  5. Wrap the left side of the paper over to the right, the bottom portion up over that, and the right side over on top
  6. Repeat with a square piece of kraft paper, wrapping a little lower than where the tissue paper is so that the tissue peaks over the top of the kraft paper
  7. Tie with a string

via: Homey Oh My!



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