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diy Wedding Crafts: No Sew Burlap Table Runner Video

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Materials Needed:

• burlap fabric by the yard (see diagram & notes below to determine how much you need)
fusible webbing
• scissors
• sharp tool for hooking and pulling out the burlap thread
• measuring tape / ruler
• spray bottle with water
• pale colored cloth*
• iron
How much fabric do I need to make a table runner?


  1. This technique will work for other fabrics, not just burlap. There are different grades of Stitch Witchery (fusible webbing). Unfortunately there is any neat tricks for cutting normal fabric in a straight line.
  2. If you are using burlap, you may want to work on top of another cloth or piece of fabric – especially if you’re ironing on your ironing board. Burlap leaves behind fluff as bad as a Persian cat – you’ll be annoyed next time you go to iron your nice black slacks on your furry ironing board if you don’t protect it.
  3. *Be sure to use either a pale colored cloth or an old well washed one that won’t bleed any color to your fabric below when you iron it damp!
  4. For the 6 foot picnic tables that are about 30″ wide, I made 8 foot long, 16″ wide table runners. I cut my fabric at 98″ by 18″, leaving myself only an extra 2 inches to fold over the edges, but you can leave more of an allowance if you feel more comfortable. Just trim off the extra after your fabric is fused – but remember to always fuse right in the crease.

You should be able to get two 16″ runners from one 47″ wide piece of fabric that was 2.75 yards long.

Source: Bespangled Jewelry

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