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diy Wedding Crafts: Old Book Page Table Runner

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Rewrite it all – this photo and the sentence below do not belong to each other!  See of butcher paper can replace the contact sheet.  Could use sheet music or maps

Materials Needed:

  • Self adhesive contact paper {if you want to roll these up, use something heavier like the veneer}
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Old book or books that tear easily away from the spine
  • Glue gun & glue sticks to stick extras on top
  • A tea bath/black coffee to splatter to age or decorate the pages


  1. Spread out your contact sheet. Measure, cut and size your runners.
  2. Take book sheet and start applying to the contact sheet. Turn in various directions covering the entire sheet.
  3. Go over the first layer with additional book pages by placing a small amounts of glue to secure. Continue applying sheets until you get the desired effect.
  4. Roll up carefully. Loosely tie a ribbon around it to secure.


  1. Another place to try to get books is at your local library. No, not the books to check out, but libraries routinely throw away/recycle books that have come back chewed up or water damaged on part or even ones that are falling apart and cannot be repaired again.
  2. You can also use maps or sheet music for this project.
  3. If you use photos make sure they are copies as this project calls for glue!
  4. You can use butcher paper if contact paper isn’t available.

Photography: Caroline Frost Photography


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